How many wasps in a nest?
A small golf ball sized wasp nest will contain between 10-50 wasps. Towards the end of the year it’s not uncommon for a nest to contain between 10,000 and 20,000 wasps.

How long does the treatment take?
The time of a treatment depends on the location of the nest. If it is reachable from the outside then the treatment will only take a matter of minutes to complete. An insecticide is sprayed into the nest entrance normally destroying it within a few hours.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a wasp nest treatment is fixed at £60.00. This price will not change even if the nest is difficult to treat and there is no VAT added to this price.

If you want the nest removed after the treatment then this is an extra £30 and will be done at a later date. Please note wasps will not reuse the nest.

If we are called out for a treatment and there is no nest or they turn out to be bees, a £30 call-out fee is charged.

Signs of a wasp nest?
If you find a large amount of wasps bothering you in the garden then there will be a nest close by. If you have noticed a lot of activity flying in and out under roof tiles or a hole then I’m afraid you almost certainly will have a wasp nest.

Do you treat bees?
We do not treat honey bees but we will treat bumble and masonry bees if there is no other option. We try at all times to avoid treating any bees as they play such a vital part in our Eco system. Please note if we are called out to treat a wasp nest and they are bees then we charge a £30 call out fee. If you are unsure then please visit our identification page or contact us.

Will they reuse a nest?
Wasps will not reuse an old nest. Each year the queen will build her own nest starting the size of a golf ball and ending up the size of 2-3 footballs on average.

Can we prevent them?
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent wasps from building a nest on your property. With there being so many holes under roof tiles and small gaps that if they want to get in they will. The best thing to do is check your loft early in the year for any signs of a nest and get the nest treated before it gets to full size.

Is it safe to treat the nest myself?
Please never attempt to treat a wasp nest yourself. For just £60 we can professionally treat the nest with a guarantee. If you try to treat the nest and it goes wrong then things can change from bad to potentially life threatening within a matter of seconds.

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