Wasp Control Insecticides And Applicators


This insecticide is only available for professional use and is the most commonly used in the industry.
Ficam D is a white dust with a low odour.
There are two ways in which this highly effective insecticide is used.

Method 1 – If the nest is not reachable then we will apply the dust into the entrance the wasps are using. This will ensure the wasps will pick up the dust and carry into the nest killing the wasps and the queen.

Method 2 – If we are able to get to the wasp nest easily then the dust will be sprayed into the nest directly using the DR-5 applicator.

Please note that both methods are equally effective.


This is a fantastic piece of equipment and is used by us daily.
The Dustick is a light weight pole system that can reach up to 18 feet in height enabling us to reach wasp nests up high without the use of a ladder minimising the risks during a treatment.
It consists of 4 separate poles, a hand pump and a dust applicator with an angled nozzle attached.
Before each treatment we fill the applicator with dust (Ficam D) and pump it into the entrance using the required extensions.


This is another essential piece of wasp control equipment.
The DR-5 is a pressurised dust applicator and is ideal for low level nests and most commonly used when treating wasp nests in the loft.
It holds a large amount of insecticide which is ideal when in a confined space like a loft allowing us easy application.
It comes with extension poles making it easier for us to reach nests at height or in cluttered loft spaces.
With just a couple of pumps to the handle it creates a powerful delivery of dust into the nest.

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