Wasp Nest Removal in Camberley

wasp nest removal in Camberley
Wasp Nest Removal £55.00

Wasp nest removal Camberley have been safely controlling wasps and hornets in and around the Camberley area for the last 10 years offering you a quick and effective wasp and hornet service 7 days a week for only £55.00.

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If you think you have found a wasp nest in Camberley then there are a few signs to look for.
Among the most common is to see a large amount of wasps flying in and out of a small hole normally located under a loose roof tile or a crack in the wall.

Other common signs are to find wasps making their way into your bathroom or bedroom through the light fittings and coming from the loft.

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If you have found what looks like a wasp nest in the loft it may not be alive and could be an old dormant nest from a previous year but please never attempt to check this yourself.

Wasp nest removal Camberley have many years experience dealing with troublesome wasps, hornets and bees. We use specialist equipment which enables us to reach and treat 99% of all nests around your home or garden.

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Why Do We Get So Many Wasps in Camberley?

Camberley seems to be one of the most popular place within Surrey for wasps to set up home. This is simply due to the surroundings and amount of food available allowing more nests to survive throughout the summer.

Each wasp nest in Camberley is successfully treated by pumping a very powerful insecticide into and around the access point the wasps are using to get into their nest, normally under a roof tile or a small gap somewhere.
This way the insecticide is picked up by each returning wasp and carried into the center of the nest killing the queen and any other wasps it touches.
If the queen is not killed during this treatment she will continue to reproduce and the nest will shows signs of activity again soon after.

What Insecticides Do Our Technicians Use?
Ficam d is the insecticide used by most wasp and hornet technicians because of its easy application and extremely fast results.
When the dust (Ficam d) comes into contact with a wasp it will start to attack the nervous system killing the wasp in a matter of minutes. But it allows enough time for the wasp to make its way back inside the nest contaminating anything it comes into contact with including other wasps and the queens. This clever design allows the wasp to complete the hard work for us! 
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