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Guildford Wasp Control £60.00

Wasps can represent a major problem for home and business owners, especially in the summer months. If you have a nest in the vicinity, we can treat it in minutes, leaving you pest-free and ready to enjoy life once again. We have the experience, the technology and the know-how to bring you the peace of mind you need.

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When it comes to wasp nest removal Guildford home owners can rely on us right from the start. We offer a fast response throughout the week, and in many cases we come out to you on the day you call. We know how traumatic it can be to discover a nest on your property, and that’s why we act so quickly.

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We strongly urge members of the public to avoid tackling a wasp nest themselves. Wasps will react in an aggressive manner if they feel threatened, so the best wasp control Guildford can rely on should always be left to the experts. We know where to find the nest, even if it’s in the most remote location, and we will always be able to treat it.

Josh Harris

Amazing work, in and out in no time, extremely frustrating wasps nest removed. Really nice guy and very friendly. Would highly recommend.

Mr Hammond

Excellent service. Killed off two nests for me. One in the attic and one in the garden shed. Quick service and very reasonably priced.

How we treat wasps in Guildford

So…Where is My Nest?

It may not always be easy for you to locate the nest itself, but heightened wasp activity can suggest the presence of one. Nests are generally built in locations which offer security and warmth to the inhabitants, and popular spots are in lofts, garages, sheds and even in the gaps between cavity walls.

Outside, there might be nests in hollow tree trunks, within bushes or perhaps in dormant rodent burrows. One thing is sure, if there is a nest nearby our trained specialists will find it, and in no time at all will have treated it.

How We Treat Wasps in Guildford

We use the most effective and efficient methods of treating wasp nests in Guildford. Our experts pump an extremely strong insecticide into the access points that the wasps are using, and the insects will then carry this into the centre of their nest. Within a matter of minutes, the majority of the wasps – and the queen herself – will have been eradicated.

After a couple of hours, the inhabitants of the nest will all have been killed, and the only activity you’re likely to see will be the occasional returning insect which will also be neutralised when making contact with the nest. For the home or business owner, normal life can resume once again after our treatment has been administered.

Wasps never return to use an old nest, so we generally leave the nest in situ in order to discourage future infestations. If you would like us to remove the nest, however, we will be happy to do so for a small extra charge. Our wasp nest removal in Guildford is charged at the standard price of £60 which means our customers can be free of wasps for a fair and affordable price.

Booking Your Wasp Nest Removal

We make every effort to visit you on the same day you call, but during busy periods we may have to come out on the following day. If you have discovered a nest nearby, or even if you merely suspect the presence of one, give us a call today and we can take things from there.

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Providing the finest wasp nest removal in Guildford is always our top priority, and we are understandably proud of the excellent reputation that we have built in the local area. Please check our reviews to see what our valued customers think of us.

You can see our Guildford wasp nest removal video here.

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