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wasp nest removal Dorking
Dorking Wasp Control Only £45.00

Wasp nest removal is tricky and dangerous at the best of times. That’s why our Dorking wasp nest removal team are the answer you’re looking for.

We are highly trained and experienced when it comes to the control of wasp nests and we aim to treat your wasp nest the same day.

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Covering Dorking & Local Areas

If a nest is not treated it will become more and more of a problem as it grows bigger throughout the summer months often becoming a major problem when using the garden or from wasps entering the house.

wasps in a garden in Dorking
All Treatments Guaranteed

Our wasp nest removal Dorking technicians charge a fixed price of £45.00 inclusive. This price is the same whether the nest is easy to treat or even if it’s high up on the roof. Our skilled wasp removal team have the latest equipment to make a tricky wasp nest removal become routine.



“The Dorking Wasp Control Team Are Excellent”

We also offer our wasp nest removal service in Effingham, Bookham and East Horsley.

If you would like to contact us then please email wasp nest removal Dorking.

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